Still On The Kochs’ Short List, Carly Scores Invite To “High-Profile” Koch Group Event

November 24, 2015

Just this morning, Charles Koch said it’s still “possible” that he will endorse in the GOP presidential primary. And according to a new report from NBC,  Carly Fiorina is still on the short list to win the Koch shadow primary and the millions that come with it.

Fiorina made her first 2016 foray into Kochworld when she appeared alongside the Kochs other candidates at their exclusive summit of rich mega-donors at a luxury resort in August. And she’s clearly still on the Kochs’ radar with a new invitation to “reach the group’s vast network of activists” the day after the next GOP debate in Nevada.

It’s easy to see why Fiorina would get the Koch nod of approval, her business record of putting profits ahead of all else by outsourcing and firing workers, is on par with the billionaire brothers’ philosophy of putting their bottom line fist.

But it’s not just Carly the […]

Kochs Continue To Tout Subversive Agenda And Plans To Buy Elections

November 24, 2015

The Kochs’ PR team needs to keep Charles off TV. They shouldn’t need the brothers’ in-house spy agency to tell them that.

It’s a major setback to the Kochs’ grand PR strategy any time the Koch Industries chairman and CEO is interviewed, because Charles seemingly can’t help but come clean about his and his David’s selfish agenda and shameless willingness to buy elections. Last weekend, a Fox Sunday Morning Futures interview provided Charles his latest opportunity to spill the beans:

First off, Charles decided to come clean on the Koch plan to restrict future seniors’ Social Security eligibility by raising the retirement age. Hardly a burden on him, an 80 year-old who, with a net-worth of $44.2 billion, is the fifth-richest person in America.

Then Charles doubled down on last week’s confession that he thinks “the more money, [in politics] the better.” On Sunday, Charles re-upped his absurd claim that the $900 million […]

Kochs Bringing In Overseas Labor To Run Their Political Takeover

November 23, 2015

The latest evidence that the Koch brothers’ shameless self-interest knows no bounds: Charles and David are struggling to find American supporters of their selfish agenda — so they’re looking overseas. In 2014 alone, Demeter Analytics — the holding company for the Kochs’ voter file data firm, i360 — applied for 7 H-1B visas, which allow employers to hire foreign workers for temporary employment in “specialty occupations.” Yes, the two billionaires are effectively outsourcing their attacks on middle class American families.

i360 is instrumental to the Kochs’ 2016 plans because it aggregates voter information from the range of Koch front groups and contracts out access to Ben Carson and much of the rest of the GOP field. (The one notable exception is Donald Trump, to whom the Kochs have refused access.)

The brothers use Koch network organizations like their sham Latino outreach group, the LIBRE Initiative, to amass voter data at candidate […]

Big Koch Industries $$$ For Charles And David’s Favorite GOP Puppets

November 20, 2015

For months, we’ve seen Charles and David already using their front groups to make big ad buys and bolster their pet candidates in competitive 2016 races, but the brothers are simultaneously using a more direct method to tip the scales: Koch Industries’ corporate super PAC.

October saw KOCHPAC spend heavily in support of Koch favorites in Senate, House, and gubernatorial races across the country. Here’s who the brothers gave big to last month:

Rep. Joe Heck, who’s running for Senate for Nevada and also receiving support from Karl Rove, pulled in $2,500 from KOCHPAC last month.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Charles and David’s New Hampshire favorite, has already benefited from $1.2 million in support from AFP — and KOCHPAC sent her $4,500 last month.

Sen. Roy Blunt, the vulnerable, Rove-backed senator from Missouri, got even more: $5,000 — in October alone.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, mired in controversy over a sketchy contract the […]

FSU Faces Another Koch Crony Appointment To Provost Position

November 19, 2015

Over the years, Florida State University has become a playground for the Kochs to test out the limits of the influence their grants can buy at public universities. FSU students have fought against the billionaire brothers through “UnKoch My Campus” campaigns that highlight the consequences of the college accepting Koch money. Despite these initiatives, the Kochs have still been able to successfully buy their way into public universities across the country, bookbags packed to the brim with Ayn Rand and John Stossel.

At FSU, the installation of Koch crony John Thrasher earlier this year was a big win for the brothers. Now, another Koch favorite, Mark Zupan, is up for the job of provost.

In an opinion piece in the Tallahassee Democrat, Ralph Wilson reports:

Provost candidate Dr. Mark Zupan is the director of the Bradley Policy Center. The namesake refers to the Bradley Foundation, […]

Can Democrats’ Anti-Koch Attacks Actually Work? [Yes, Here’s Why]

November 19, 2015

Recently, Bridge Project conducted six focus groups with swing voters in swing states on the billionaire Koch brothers as they gear up to spend nearly $900 million pushing their agenda and backing their puppet candidates in 2016. The focus groups revealed that to know the Kochs is to dislike them and that voters are turned off by their harmful, self-enriching agenda also backed by their puppet candidates.

National Journal reviewed the 12 hours of focus group footage, finding: “The voters pro­fessed a strong dis­like of the Koch broth­ers, their money, and the in­flu­ence they wield…. In most cases, by the end of the roughly hour-long ses­sions, the gathered men and wo­men said they would be less likely to back then next Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee for pres­id­ent be­cause they feared that as pres­id­ent, he or she would have no choice to im­ple­ment the Koch agenda.” (Those fears are well founded — just a few […]

Brilliant! Guess Who’s Spending $900 Million For “Less Money In Politics”?

November 19, 2015

Charles and David Koch — opponents of campaign finance reform — have a $900-million plan to get money out of politics. In brief, it involves spending $900 million to elect candidates who similarly oppose campaign finance reform — and it doesn’t make any sense.

In an recent interview with Yahoo News, Charles Koch ludicrously claimed that he and his brother are spending big in the name of “less money in politics.” Here‘s how the exchange went down:

Yahoo News: Campaigns have become so expensive now, Charles. Is there too much money in politics, and is it because rich people are putting too much money into politics?

Charles Koch: No, it’s because of corporate welfare. It’s — why are 6 out of the 10 most prosperous counties around Washington, D.C.? The estimates are that, that there are over $5 trillion — out of a $15 trillion economy — that goes to corporate […]

The New Yorker: Do the Kochs Have Their Own Spy Network?

November 19, 2015

Ahead of her new, highly anticipated book on the Koch brothers out in January, don’t miss Jane Mayer’s take on Ken Vogel’s “blockbuster” story from yesterday that exposed the Kochs’ “secretive operation that conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents.” Mayer wrote the original piece that pulled the curtain back on the Kochs’ true motivations in building a network that spends millions to push their agenda and her book promises to be equally revealing.

Read more:

The New Yorker: Do the Kochs Have Their Own Spy Network?

Are Charles And David Crazy (Desperate) For Carson?

November 18, 2015

Mounting evidence suggests that Charles and David Koch may be looking to Ben Carson as the GOP’s last best hope to beat out Donald Trump. Yes, Carson, whose own advisers admit that it’s a constant challenge to “make him smart.” Well, desperate times and all that.

It’s no secret that Charles and David Koch have for months been concerned about Donald Trump’s rise and GOP primary dominance. Now, it seems they’re doing what they can to help out Carson, who was just last week floated as a potential Koch-supported nominee by Americans for Prosperity President Tim Philips.

No one’s accusing Carson of having a sophisticated grasp of policy or the salient issues of the day, but that hasn’t stopped the Kochs from giving Carson a boost in the form of access to their voter file data through a Koch-linked corporation, “Demeter Analytics Services, Inc.”

FEC filings show that Carson America, […]

Hand-Picked Koch Candidate In WV Pushes Right-To-Work For Less

November 18, 2015

West Virginia State Senate President and 2016 gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole is following the Koch marching orders and says it’s time for the Mountain State to become a right-to-work for less state.

Cole’s motivation in pushing a top item on the Koch agenda is crystal clear: he wants to please the billionaire Koch brothers so their mega-donor network will funnel more money to his campaign.

Cole has been hand-picked by an arm of the Koch network that bundles Koch cash directly for candidates, Aegis PAC.

Aegis PAC is a part of Aegis Strategic, the shady political consulting firm that received a “blessing” from the Kochs to create a new, secretive nonprofit that spent hundreds of thousands in dark money on strategically timed attack ads to take out a rival of one of the Kochs’ chosen candidates, Joni Ernst, in a Republican primary. After the Kochs’ chosen candidate won the GOP primary, Aegis helped raise hard […]

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