New Report: “¿Cómo se Dice ‘Koch Brothers Front Group’? ANSWER: LIBRE Initiative” by LVP & Bridge Project

April 29, 2016

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April 29, 2016

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Latino Victory Project and Bridge Project
Release Report
“¿Cómo se Dice ‘Koch Brothers Front Group’?
ANSWER: LIBRE Initiative”
New Report Reveals How The Kochs Mislead Latinos to Pad Their Bottom LineWashington, DC – Today, Latino Victory Project and Bridge Project released the report “¿Cómo se Dice Koch Brothers Front Group? ANSWER:LIBRE Initiative.”  The report gives an overview of the billionaires’ “Latino” organization, and their deceiving tactics to rally Latinos to advance the Koch brothers’ financial interests–at the expense of Latino families and communities.


“We know the Koch brothers are no friends of the Latino community. Our families won’t be fooled by LIBRE Initiative’s tactics,” said Pili Tobar, Communications Director of Latino Victory Project. “They’re giving away free turkeys and offering English classes–and that’s nice–but it’s not going to convince any Latino voters to change their votes for politicians who want to line the […]

Kochs Called Out Over $$ Behind GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School Renaming

April 29, 2016

It’s no secret that the Kochs have sought to use “philanthropic donations” to influence curriculae and advance their self-enriching agenda at institutions of higher learning. More than anywhere else, the Kochs have sought to impose their will on George Mason University, where the two brothers’ money was behind the university’s decision to rename its law school the Antonin Scalia Law School.

Over the years, the Kochs have bought $134 million worth of influence at George Mason. And the Charles Koch Foundation just recently donated $10 million as part of the $30 million gift that influenced the school to rename the law school.

George Mason University faculty members are less than pleased about the influence that the Kochs wield at the institution. Just yesterday, BuzzFeed News reports, the faculty senate voted to re-open the naming process, as its members — as well as dozens of students — are reportedly unhappy with the law school […]

Charles Koch Doubles Down As Climate Denier in Pt 2 of ABC News Interview w/ Jon Karl

April 29, 2016

Charles Koch calls himself a  “man of science” during Part 2 of his interview with Jon Karl on the ABC News Powerhouse podcast. When pressed if he believes in climate change, his response:

“Is the climate changing due to CO2 in a way that is catastrophic and unmanageable, or is it changing in a mild and manageable way? I believe the evidence is overwhelming that it’s changing in a mild and manageable way.”

Not too surprising since the Kochs have long opposed anything that helps to fight back the effects of climate change. The Kochs are staunch opponents of solar power and are deeply involved in the fossil fuel industry’s war on efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Being the hypocrites they are, Charles and David Koch are all for “letting the free market pick the winners and losers,” but more than happy to lobby for stricter regulations on their competitors. They

To Protect Profits, Kochs Push Cuts To Environmental Infrastructure Funding

April 28, 2016

A number of Koch groups just rallied behind a now-failed amendment from Arizona Senator Jeff Flake that would have “cut almost $69 million in funding from Corps of Engineers projects, such as building environmental restoration projects and dredging rivers and harbors.”

Flake touted that the amendment had the backing of a number of (unsurprisingly, right-wing) groups, including the Koch-linked or backed 60 Plus Association, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Competitive Enterprise Institute, FreedomWorks, National Taxpayers UnionAmericans for Tax ReformCouncil for Citizens Against Government Waste, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

Here’s why the Kochs are so interested in stifling environmental infrastructure spending: they’re opposed to just about anything that will help to combat the effects of climate change. The Kochs have been staunch opponents of solar power and they’ve also been deeply involved in the fossil fuel industry’s war on efforts to limit greenhouse […]

Paul Ryan Sides With Kochs Over 3.5 Million Puerto Ricans

April 28, 2016

Puerto Ricans thought they could count on Speaker Paul Ryan to help restructure the island’s debt crisis since he committed to a self-imposed March 31, 2016 deadline to produce a plan. But it looks like Ryan was deterred from his mark.

Could it be the recent influx of $600,000 from Charles and Elizabeth Koch to the Speaker’s “Team Ryan” leadership PAC that swayed Ryan’s resolve to help Puerto Ricans avoid an economic collapse, choosing instead to protect the pocketbooks of billionaire bondholders?

As the clock ticks down to the next payment deadline on Monday, May 2, Puerto Rico is likely to default on its $422 million debt payment installment. Paul Ryan appears to be fine letting that happen, which would lead to more school closures and public services cut.

Check out Bridge Project’s recent report, “The Kochs’ Wealth vs The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” that gives an overview of the Koch network’s role in the […]

Kochs Fight To Keep Their Dark Money Dark

April 28, 2016

Congressional Republicans are pushing legislation to decrease the already limited disclosure of donations to dark money groups. The Koch brothers, continuing their crusade against accountability and transparency, are supporting the effort through their political arm, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce.

The Ways & Means Committee is expected to consider legislation drafted by Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.)  that would eliminate the requirement for dark money groups to provide non-public disclosures of their donors to the IRS when they file tax forms. These “Schedule B reports” are not publicly released, but allow the IRS to prevent the infusion of money from foreign governments, corporations, or individuals into political activities.

In addition to Freedom Partner’s actions, a number of other Koch entitites have called for adoption of Rep. Roskam’s legislation. Phil Kerpen of the Kochs’ group American Commitment has authored a letter urging Ways & Means to scrap the Schedule B requirements. Brent […]

NEW REPORT: “The Kochs Spend Tons of Cheddar Badgering America’s Dairyland”

April 27, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dawn Le, 202-549-6798,

The Kochs Have Spent At Least $44 Million to Hijack Wisconsin
Bridge Project Releases “The Kochs Spend Tons of Cheddar Badgering America’s Dairyland” about the Koch Brothers’ Corporate Lobbying and Political Front Groups in Their Effort to Maximize Profits

Milwaukee, WI—For the 2016 election cycle, Charles and David Koch have announced they are on track to spend nearly $900 million to elect politicians that would push their self-serving agenda. In Wisconsin, the Koch brothers have spent more than $44 million since 2010, helping to foster the rise of Gov. Scott Walker, Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, and to fund political astroturf groups to carry their water.

“What the Kochs are doing in Wisconsin is emblematic of what they’re doing across the country, all their political efforts and PR shams boil down to self-interest and higher profit shares,” said Eddie Vale, the […]

Echoes of Koch: Pat McCrory and NC Disenfranchisement

April 26, 2016

In a clumsy rhetorical defense of North Carolina’s inherently discriminatory voter identification law, Governor Pat McCrory reasoned that since you need photo identification to buy Sudafed, you may as well have one to vote. 

McCrory’s cynical opposition to voter enfranchisement is unsurprisingly shared by the Koch brothers. A Cato Institute senior fellow accused then-attorney general Eric Holder of “playing his racial games” after Holder filed a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s voting laws.

McCrory solidified his bond to the Koch network when he appointed Koch ally and former Americans for Prosperity board member Art Pope as his state budget director. During his tenure as budget director, Pope’s influence extended well beyond budgetary issues; he has been credited for “changing the balance in the state” and was instrumental in instituting barriers to voting in North Carolina.

Pat McCrory’s flippant dismissal of disenfranchisement and voter suppresion in North Carolina will surely […]

Will The Kochs Prove They’re Serious About Criminal Justice Reform?

April 26, 2016

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are lambasting Virginia’s recent restoration of voting rights for 200,000 convicted felons who’ve paid their debt to society. And that means that Charles and David Koch have an opportunity to prove they’re more than talk on criminal justice reform.

Of course, we know the Kochs’ push for criminal justice reform is just a PR sham and an opportunistic effort to protect themselves and their business interests. Remember: Koch Industries has itself been convicted of multiple felonies over the years.

Still, if the Kochs want to keep up the charade, they’ll speak out against Trump and Cruz. Charles and David have in the past indicated support for the restoration of convicted felons’ voting rights. “We’re big fans of people voting. We think it’s important,” Koch Industries General Counsel Mark Holden told the Huffington Post on the issue of felon re-enfranchisement.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are not so enthusiastic about re-enfranchising voters. […]

“Abused” Charles Koch Plays Victim

April 25, 2016

Charles Koch, in an interview with This Week, was asked what the “return on investment” has been for the Kochs’ significant financial investment in politics. Charles responded that he and his brother have received “a lot of abuse.” Charles conveniently ignored the long list of actual abuses emanating from the Koch network:

The residents of Crossett, Arkansas are facing an ecological and public health disaster due to the Kochs’ negligent business practices.
Puerto Ricans face a loss of health services and closing schools while the Kochs scheme to protect their financial interests in the commonwealth.
Veterans’ access to medical care is threatened as the Kochs’ “Concerned Veterans for America” use their seat on the Commission on Care–a group tasked with reforming the VA–to aggressively push their self-serving privatization agenda..
Minority and young voters face a constant assault on voting rights from Koch-financed groups.
Millions of Americans’ financial stability is at stake as the Kochs push states to […]

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