New Poll Shows Two-Thirds Of Vets Oppose Koch Plan To Privatize VA

November 10, 2015

new bipartisan poll out today shows veterans don’t support the Koch brothers’ plan to privatize veterans healthcare by turning it into a voucher system.

Koch front group Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is a leading advocate for privatizing care for veterans but a new Vet Voice poll “found that almost two-thirds of survey respondents oppose plans to replace VA health care with a voucher system, an idea backed by some Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates.”

And as CVA pushes GOP candidates to back their plan to privatize the VA in exchange for a piece of the nearly $1 billion the Kochs plan to spend on 2016, the new poll shows 57% of veterans surveyed would be less likely to vote for candidates who supports “privatizing the VA health care system.”

This new data is just more evidence that despite claiming to work for veterans, CVA pushes the Koch agenda first and foremost and advocates for extreme right-wing policies, like privatizing the VA, that hurt our nation’s heroes.

Read the full write up from the Military Times below and click here to see the polling memo from Republican and Democratic pollsters.

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