Spending time at the beach this summer? Doing a family road trip, or maybe just sitting in the AC and binge-watching the Simpsons?

Find out how the Koch brothers and their self-serving agenda are out to ruin your summer.

  1. The Kochs want to privatize America’s national parks and public lands

The Kochs put big money behind front groups that advocate the privatization of America’s treasured national parks and public lands. Privatization allows companies like Koch Industries to exploit the natural resources on the public lands. So don’t count on getting a campsite at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the Kochs are plotting to mine uranium there!


  1. “Summer of Low Wages” sponsored by the Kochs

The Koch brothers have waged a full-on war against a living wage for hardworking Americans. Teachers are forced to seek 2nd and 3rd jobs to earn enough to raise their families because the Kochs lobby for teacher pay cuts.  Americans for Prosperity lobbies against minimum wage increases at the state level, and fund “libertarian scholars” to decry the federal minimum wage.


  1. The Kochs set us on the course for another record-breaking hot summer.

The Kochs pour millions of dollars into denying the existence of climate change. Through their shell groups and “hired guns,” the Kochs amplify doubt and manufacture skepticism to prevent policymakers from passing conservation regulations and taking necessary steps to address global warming.


  1. Kochs Oppose EPA Rules that Protect U.S. Waterways and Coastlines

Koch-funded groups like 60 Plus and Americans for Prosperity lobby against the EPA rules that hold polluters accountable. They try to siphon environmental infrastructure funding away from the Army Corps of Engineers. All this to protect themselves from massive fines for dumping toxins and waste into our lakes, rivers, and streams.


  1. Driving Cross-Country? Look Out For That Sinkhole on the Interstate, Courtesy of the Kochs

The Koch brothers help elect their puppet politicians who slash budgets at the cost of the nation’s infrastructure.


  1. Kochs Give New Meaning to ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ by Campaigning to Defund Public Libraries

From New Jersey to Illinois to Kansas, Americans for Prosperity fights against ballot measures that open and upgrade public libraries for the general public.


  1. Swimming in Polluted lakes

The Koch Brothers lobby against the Clean Water Act to get away with spilling their chemical waste into our pristine lakes and rivers. The Kochs fight basic regulations that could prevent toxic algae blooms from poisoning Lake Erie, like the one currently forming there, as well as the one in 2014 that left the entire city of Toledo without safe drinking water for days. The algae blooms are caused by runoff from fertilizer, a product Koch Industries is deeply invested. As a part of the Fertilizer Institute and the Ohio AgriBusiness Association, Koch lobbied against the prevention or mitigation of the poisonous blooms.


  1. Kochs Maneuver to “Block Out the Sun”

The Kochs funnel money to astroturf groups to oppose renewable energy to protect the interest of their oil, gas, and fracking operations.


  1. Beware of the Kochs’ Front Groups ‘Phishing’ For Your Personal Data at ‘Community’ Fairs to Sell to Politicians

Koch-aligned groups like the LIBRE Initiative organize “community events” to collect people’s personal information. Little do they know, their information is shared with the Kochs’ political data company, i360, which then sells it to politicians who advance the Kochs’ extreme agenda.



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