Kochs’ “Closing Argument” Falls Flat

October 25, 2016

The Kochs’ decision to focus their “closing argument” squarely on criticizing the Affordable Care Act is backfiring. While knocking doors with Americans for Prosperity in Nevada, Washington Post reporter James Hohmann didn’t encounter the negative public perception of the landmark law the Kochs were banking on. In fact, Hohmann reported that, “not a single person said that they oppose Obamacare or are negatively impacted by it. In fact, everyone who engaged with the door-knockers said they view the law positively.”

The Kochs have desperately avoided mentioning Donald Trump by name; but even when targeting what they believe to be voters sympathetic to their issues, the Kochs are striking out on drumming up the anti-ACA fervor that defined the 2014 cycle.  The billionaire brothers’ assault on ACA–and the lack of positive response to this messaging on the ground–demonstrates just how out of touch with everyday Americans the Koch brothers have become. 

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