The Kochs’ “Absolute, Overwhelmingly Awesome” Plan To Privatize The VA

June 29, 2016

The Koch Brothers’ Concerned Veterans for America has been less than forthcoming about their intention to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs–at times denying any such desire. Yesterday, high-level CVA staff again called the for privatization of the VA–and contrary to the experience of tens of millions of veterans and family members who depend on the VA–claimed that the department’s health services have never been effective or useful.

In an interview with “Stand for Truth Radio”, Concerned Veterans For America Arizona State Director Matt Dobson claimed that the VA system, “hasn’t worked and has never worked.” CVA’s solution? Privatization, of course. Dobson explained that a system in which veterans could access private care–while carrying part of the cost-burden for themselves–was, “The best we [CVA] could come up with.”

While Dobson was advocating for the best CVA could come up with, state-level CVA groups from North CarolinaSouth Carolina, and Virginia disseminated an opinion piece written by Avik Roy, the co-chair of CVA’s task force that formulated their privatization plan. Roy’s op-ed echoed the call for–at the very least–partial privatization of the VA health system.

If dismantling fully subsidized healthcare for American veterans is the best CVA and the Kochs can come up with, maybe it’s time to head back to the drawing board.


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