New Report: The Kochs’ Carolina Takeover

October 20, 2016

American Bridge Project is releasing a new report on the Koch brothers’ influence in the Tar Heel state, called, “The Kochs’ Carolina Takeover.”

From the anti-LGBTQ HB2 law to public education and environmental protections, the Kochs and their political cronies, like “third Koch brother” Art Pope, have worked tirelessly to turn North Carolina into their very own “model state.” Using puppets Governor Pat McCrory and Senator Richard Burr, the Kochs manipulated the system to their bottomline’s benefit at the cost of hard working families.

In the last six years, the Kochs have poured nearly half a million dollars into North Carolina state senate and house races in their efforts to protect Koch Industries’ special interests. The Koch company and its subsidaries have several locations in the state making it part of the frontline to defend their profits — no matter what the costs:

  • Art Pope and the Kochs helped re-segregate integrated schools in Wake County. By targetting less wealthy neighborhoods and funneling donations into the school board election, they were able to “fundamentally change” what had been a top 20 school district.
  • Americans for Prosperity donated election funds to at least 11 Republicans who voted for the discriminatory HB2 law, and Art Pope gave nearly $1.5 million to groups the advocated for the legislation.
  • AFP-North Carolina regularly pushed out debunk climate science, denying the existence of climate change and has fought against the state’s implementation of the Clean Power Plan as well as the Renewable Portfolia Standard (RFS). The Kochs even helped bring fracking to the state.
  • AFP lobbied against Medicaid expansion in the state. Governor McCrory quickly followed the call repeatedly rejecting pleas for the expansion, leaving 500,000 North Carolinians uninsured.
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