This Week in Real Koch Facts

June 13, 2014

It’s another lovely week in Kochland, as the Koch brothers announced their plan to drop another $30 million into buying midterm elections to push their self-serving agenda and a Koch Industries subsidiary twice released toxic chemicals into the Florida air. Meanwhile, in Michigan Terri Lynn Land gushed over the Kochs and their unlimited campaign spending, Thom Tillis took Koch marching orders, and we explored AFP’s inability to tell the truth and their interesting definition of fairness (spoiler: they want working families to pay more taxes). We also took a stroll down memory lane to the 1970s, when Charles Koch initiated his master plan to undermine and undercut government.

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Terri Lynn Land has been the beneficiary of quite a bit of support from the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. $3.6 million of support, that is, in the form of baseless and debunked attack ads against her opponent.

Maybe that’s why she was recently so quick to praise unlimited dark money in politics as “the American Way,” calling it “what’s great about our country.” Really? We here at Real Koch Facts think Americans may disagree that the prospect of an election being upended by billionaires flooding the airwaves with false advertisements attacking a candidate does not rise to the level of baseball and apple pie.

But AFP’s Koch-funded agenda in Michigan goes beyond attempts to buy a Senate seat. AFP recently wasted $27,000 (more than $4 per vote) on an unsuccessful attempt to kill an effort to fund road repairs in Grand Rapids. They unsuccessfully lobbied against the […]

The Washington Post ran a scathing editorial last month that began like this:

Republicans in Virginia’s House of Delegates have blocked hundreds of thousands of poor Virginians from getting health insurance under the Obama administration’s Medicaid expansion. At the same time, they’ve refused to suggest any alternative method by which the needy people in the state might arrange health coverage.

The Post made the case that it’s morally reprehensible to refuse Medicaid expansion and deny health care to hundreds of thousands of your constituents in order to make some sort of political statement. A pretty straight-forward argument.

But the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity was there to push back, applauding this stunt to deny people health care. Writing a letter to the editor in response to that editorial, AFP’s Virginia director offered this heartfelt conclusion: “The decision by Virginia Republicans not to expand Medicaid is logical and prudent.”

And it’s not just Virginia where AFP is waging this battle. They’ve fought against Medicaid expansion in Nebraska and Maine, in Louisiana and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, they promised to spend “considerable resources” targeting the Senators who voted to expand Medicaid.

It’s part of a callous campaign that has left over 250,000 veterans, and millions more Americans, uninsured. But it’s one that is squarely in line with the Koch agenda that promises to make life harder for working families and even easier for the wealthy at every turn.

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