Chris Christie’s environmental flip flop brought to you by the Koch brothers

March 30, 2015

Chris Christie once bragged that he would be “New Jersey’s No. 1 clean-energy advocate,” according to the Washington Post. But once he had a series of meetings with the Koch brothers and other Republican donors, he changed his mind and went to work on behalf of the Koch’s fossil fuel interests rather than the people of New Jersey.

Christie went back on a pledge he made to his state so he could remain in good graces with the Koch brothers. In 2010, he touted plans to build a wind farm off the Atlantic City coast. Soon after, the Koch brothers came calling and Christie began fighting wind energy proposals. Unfortunately for Christie, ignoring New Jersey has left him in “political free fall” back home – and unpopular on the national stage as his pre-presidential campaign sputters.

The Koch brothers have a long history with Chris Christie. Last year, his Board of Public Utilities rejected the windmill plan for a third time. Without skipping a beat, Americans for Prosperity, a group within the Koch brothers’ political network, released a statement praising the decision.

AFP scours the country for opportunities to strike down renewable energy programs. They funded ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, so state legislators can introduce their model legislation that’s already written. They demanded the new Republican majority, which was ushered in with nearly $300 million from the Koch brothers, let the wind production tax credit (PTC) expire so the wind energy industry would lose a valuable incentive to protect the environment and create jobs.

The Koch brothers blatantly attempt to protect Big Oil and line their pockets by calling in favors from their bought-and-paid-for Republican elected officials. Chris Christie is just the latest to find himself on the receiving end of his deal with the devil while New Jerseyans pay the price.

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