Koch Agenda + State Legislatures = A World That Only Suits The Kochs

November 25, 2014

Over the past six months, we’ve told you all about the Koch brothers’ extreme, self-serving agenda designed to hurt the middle class and make the Kochs even richer. They’ve turned North Carolina and Wisconsin into Tea Party utopias.They’ve taken over the Republican Party and set the agenda. They’ve tried to indoctrinate children with their anti-government, climate change-denying beliefs. And now the oil tycoons are trying to kill alternative energy at the state level so we stay addicted to their oil.

In 2009, the Koch brothers “threw their full weight behind defeating” legislation to address climate change – and they won. Now they’ve set their sights on the states: they’re trying to repeal state laws that require utilities to get more of their energy from alternative sources like wind and solar.

How are they doing this? Through yet another Koch-funded group that tries to move our country closer and closer to Kochville, a.k.a. their extreme, self-serving utopia. This one’s called ALEC, short the American Legislative Exchange Council, and it writes Koch-inspired “model legislation” that state legislators can introduce – they just have to fill in the right state name, Mad Libs-style.

Yesterday, we told you about the Koch-funded Heartland Institute, which is known to deny the human causes of climate change, and how it tried to include its pseudo-science on climate change in Texas public schools’ textbooks. (You can probably see where this is headed.)

In a surprise to no one, the Heartland Institute “took credit for writing the legislation” to repeal renewable energy mandates that ALEC used. According to National Journal, since then, “at least 40 bills aimed at weakening or repealing clean energy mandates have been introduced” in state legislatures.

The Koch brothers stand to lose a lot if we move away from oil, so they’re stacking the deck. And if any state legislators don’t agree with their policies, the Kochs try to replace them with their lackeys. They drive the policy and pick the candidates of the national Republican Party, and now they’re trying to run the states, too.

If they win this round, we’ll all be worse off – unless, of course, your last name is “Koch.”

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