Chris Christie’s Board Again Rejects Windmill Plan, Receives Praise From AFP

November 24, 2014

The third time isn’t always the charm. For a third time, Chris Christie’s Board of Public Utilities has rejected a proposal to build windmills near Atlantic City in order to generate renewable energy. It turns out that the infinite checkbooks of the Koch brothers are more charming than the proverbial ‘third time.’

Immediately after Christie’s Board of Public Utilities once again shot down the promising project, the Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity issued a press release praising the energy regulators for their decision. In said press release, they do their best to dress the energy plan up in scary clothes, applauding the BPU for “rejecting this misguided offshore wind scheme.” Amazingly, later in the release, they point out that New Jersey’s job market continues to be lackluster, losing 4,500 jobs in October, while disregarding the renewable energy jobs this project would create.

AFP’s crusade against alternative energy forms is well documented. This month, they launched ads urging Republican members of Congress to kill the wind production tax credit. They are constantly out to protect Big Oil companies like Koch Industries under the guise of protecting consumers from higher costs, but that facade is melting away. In fact, just this weekend, the New York Times ran this story: “Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels.”

As for notedly ambitious Governor Chris Christie, he’s likely happy to keep from upsetting the Koch brothers ahead of his inevitable 2016 presidential run. Christie has already angrily defended the Kochs earlier this year, and the Times recently detailed the negligent stance the governor has taken on climate change as he’s been courting the AFP donor crowd.

The BPU’s ruling is now under appeal and advocates for the windmill project are still hopeful they will prevail. For now, count it as a win for Chris Christie, a win for the Koch brothers, and a loss for New Jerseyans.

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