Using Another Boilerplate, Kochs Spread More Misinformation About ACA

March 17, 2016

Another week, another spate of formulaic, inaccurate op-eds disseminating from the Koch network.

The Kochs have a well-documented history of pushing boilerplate-style op-eds and letters to the editor to deceive readers into the belief that local, grassroots support exists for Koch policies. The Koch network has previously used this tactic to attack occupational licensing–a campaign which saw editorials in 36 states–and earlier this month used the same tactic in an attempt to undermine carbon regulations.

No longer content limiting its scope to funneling millions into far-right groups and causes, the Koch’s are now deploying Freedom Partners to manipulate opinion more directly. Nathan Nascimento, Director Of State Initiatives at Freedom Partners, has penned nearly identical criticisms of the Affordable Care Act in major publications targeting voters in eight states.

The Koch Network continued to endanger the lives of Americans by launching a series of copy-and-paste op-eds to spread misinformation about the ACA under such titles:

Alabama: “Alabama health insurance deductibles going up” [, 3/11/16]

California: “California health insurance deductibles going up” [Modesto Bee, 3/10/16], “Health insurance deductibles going up” [The Orange County Register, 3/17/16]

Delaware: “Delaware health insurance deductibles are going up” [Delaware News Journal, 3/8/16]

Nebraska: “Health insurance deductibles going way up” [Kearney Hub, 3/14/16]

Nevada: “Health insurance that you can’t use is useless” [LasVegas Review Journal, 3/14/16]

New Hampshire: “NH health insurance deductibles going up” [, 3/11/16]

New Jersey And Pennsylvania: “In Pa. and N.J., Affordable Care Act is anything but” [, 3/14/16]

Following the Koch’s formula of questionable fidelity to facts, Nascimento posited that the Affordable Care Act made affordable health care “Further Out Of Reach” For low-income and middle-Income families. While these charges may create a compelling narrative, they’re woefully divorced from the reality. In contrast to the myth propagated in Koch World, for a 40 year old making $30,000 per year, the average change in premiums after tax credits in 2016 would be -0.2%.

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, over 17.6 million formerly uninsured individuals have gained coverage, the percentage of uninsured individuals is lower than it has ever been, and health care costs have risen at the slowest rate in 50 years. The ACA has been excellent for Americans, even if it’s damaging to the billionaire Koch’s messaging.

The generic, misleading op-ed is a weapon in the Koch arsenal that we can expect to see again and again. Utilizing local papers may create the temporary illusion that the Koch’s care about communities, but we know they only care about their bottom line and political empire.

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