The Kochs Engage In Self-Parody

July 11, 2014

They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well the Koch brothers live in a glass mansion and they’re launching boulders.
Get a load of this: the Koch brothers are attacking League of Conservation Voters, claiming they’re a “partisan activist group that does not disclose its donors.” Seriously. Yes, those Kochs; the ones who plan to spend $500 million to buy midterm elections for Republicans through their various dark money political entities. 
It’s not surprising that the Koch brothers are especially irritable when people hold their favorite son, Scott Brown, accountable. Everyone is overly protective of their own. But this line of attack is beyond parody.
The Kochs go on to assail LCV’s ad for representing them as self-interested, out-of-state oil billionaires who have fought to protect oil tax breaks. But if the shoe fits…This comes from the Center for Public Integrity:

Oil is the core of the Koch business empire, and the company’s lobbyists and officials have successfully fought to preserve the industry’s tax breaks and credits, and to defeat attempts by Congress to regulate greenhouse gases.

The Kochs can try their hardest to present themselves as ideologically pure libertarians. But the facts speak for themselves. At every turn, they seek to protect their massive oil profits to the detriment of our environment and working families.

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