Republicans Pledge Allegiance To Koch, NH Edition

Nothing says “I’m a strong independent-minded leader” like signing a sweeping pledge of allegiance to the Koch brothers.


The Concord Monitor reports that Republican state candidates across the board in New Hampshire have signed an Americans for Prosperity pledge that includes among other things, opposition to Medicaid expansion, which has already expanded health care access to 50,000 Granite Staters, and support for legislation to limit collective bargaining and further strain working families.


Already, the Kochs’ AFP has shown that the pledge is no joke — they have sent out mailers attacking two Republican state senators in New Hampshire who signed last year’s pledge, but then voted for Medicaid expansion and a tiny increase in the gas tax to fund crucial infrastructure projects.


Republicans in New Hampshire stood proudly with AFP’s NH director as they signed over their voices to the Koch brothers. And one of the two Republican candidates for governor took it one step further, offering these lavish words of admiration for the Kochs:


“I don’t care what the Democrats say about the Koch brothers, their contribution to this country and the conservative movement is second to none.”

Watch for yourself, and decide who is running today’s GOP.

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