The Kochs in North Carolina: Medicaid Expansion

The Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity group congratulated Gov. McCrory on his decision to reject Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and deny health care to 500,000 North Carolinians at almost no cost to the state. AFP’s national president, Tim Phillips praised the governor for “trying to save American taxpayers from the federal government.”

As for the 500,000 low-income Tar Heel residents who were denied health insurance by the maneuver, AFP and the Koch brothers aren’t too concerned about them.

AFP-North Carolina And AFP President Tim Phillips Praised North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory For Rejecting “The Unwise Expansion Of Medicaid And A State Based Exchange.” According to a press release from Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina, “Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina praised Governor Pat McCrory for his decision not to set up a state health care exchange and for choosing not to expand the state Medicaid program. Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips offered the following statement: ‘On behalf of the one hundred and fifty thousand members of Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina, and all federal taxpayers, we congratulate Governor Pat McCrory for signing Senate Bill 4, which will reject the unwise expansion of Medicaid and a state based exchange. The Governor and General Assembly leaders are trying to save American taxpayers from the federal government and the federal government from itself. They know the federal government is effectively bankrupt and someone must put us on a more responsible course.’” [Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina Press Release, 3/6/13]

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