The Kochs go Missing in Oregon

May 21, 2015

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers’ political arm, has inexplicably abandoned their post in Oregon. According to the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, AFP national has said “ the organization no longer maintains a chapter in that state.”

AFP has been active in numerous cities across Oregon since 2007, even before the Tea Party movement sprung into existence. One possible explanation is that the surplus of local and nationally linked Tea Party groups pushed AFP Oregon out of business. Another possible reason is that some of the local chapters went off the rails when they began to plunge into conspiracy theories about Islamophobia and Agenda 21.

References to the AFP Oregon chapter have been completely scrubbed from AFP’s national website. AFP declined to comment on what relationship exists between the national and local chapters or why the Oregon chapter had been deserted. This is a victory for Oregonians who — for now — won’t have the Kochs interfering in their state politics.

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