Closing Argument: Wehby And The Koch Brothers – Not For Oregon

October 30, 2014

While Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby briefly appeared to be a potential bright spot for the Republican Party, that moment quickly passed, although not for any lack of effort (money) by the Koch brothers to keep it alive.

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent around $1 million running attack ads against Wehby’s opponent. Wehby received further Koch support when she was endorsed by the Koch-funded National Federation of Independent Businesses, a group that claims to advocate on behalf of small businesses but in reality supports policies that aid big corporations like Koch Industries. Wehby also raked in thousands in personal donations from the Koch family to her campaign, and Tim Phillips, the president of the Kochs’ Americans For Prosperity, offered praise for her campaign at the Koch network’s secretive billionaires retreat this summer.

For the Kochs, Monica Wehby is essentially their ideal candidate. She has opposed efforts to raise the minimum wage, opposed environmental standards from the EPA, and wants to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act. So it’s no surprise that the Koch brothers did everything they could to lift Wehby’s candidacy — they know that if they could put her in the Senate, she would support their extreme self-serving agenda, to the detriment of working families.

Make no mistake, the Koch agenda spells nothing good for Oregon; Koch Industries’ record in the state is one of economic devastation and job loss. The reckless business practices of Koch Industries’ subsidiaries, like Georgia-Pacific, have had array of painful consequences  on Oregon and its people, including outsourcing, lots jobs, environmental damage, and even a local budget crisis.

The Koch brothers only care about one thing: their bottom line. Everything else, like their support of Monica Wehby, is just a means to that end. And the people of Oregon aren’t buying what the Kochs are selling this cycle.

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