The Kochs Aren’t (But Also Are) Mailing It In For Toomey

August 30, 2016

Koch favorite Senator Pat Toomey‘s enduring willingness to do the Kochs’ bidding and prioritize the brothers’ interests at the expense of Pennsylvanians is paying off. 

It’s a heartwarming quid pro quo: Senator Toomey votes with the Americans for Prosperity-Koch agenda 96% of the time, so the Koch-backed group is more than willing to launch a major 600,000-piece mailer campaign attacking his Democratic opponent.

The catch: the mailer is full of shoddy research from organizations funded either by the Kochs or by other energy companies.

But the lies are no surprise. Despite the Kochs’ claims that they abhor negative campaigning, baseless and cynical political attacks are the brothers’ bread and butter.

Charles and David Koch have already dropped millions in TV advertising on behalf of Toomey, and you can be sure that the money will continue to flow as election day nears.

The billionaire brothers — who by their own admission “expect something in return” for their political donations — recognize a good investment when they see it, and Toomey’s 100% rating over the past two years tells them all they need to know: he’s as willing as ever to prioritize their selfish agenda over Pennsylvanians’ best interests.

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