Opposing the Same Tax Credit in Two Different States, Does Not an Interesting Plot Line Make

June 16, 2014

Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey chapter is pressuring lawmakers in the state to vote down Senate Bills S1952 and S779, which would create tax incentives for the film and television industries to do business in the state.

If you’re wondering, “where have I heard this before…?” the answer is North Carolina. The Koch brothers-backed group recently launched an ad campaign opposing the renewal of the Tarheel state’s existing film tax incentive program. Proponents of the tax credits in both states point to the jobs and economic benefits created by the film industry.

About New Jersey’s proposed tax incentives, AFP laments that they’ve “seen this movie before, and it’s a flop.” Interesting choice of metaphor from a political outfit that is mounting the same exact campaign in at least two different states at the same time. At this rate, AFP and the Koch brothers’ tirade against film tax credits is poised to have more sequels than The Land Before Time.

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