Marco Rubio’s Koch candidate tryout

May 1, 2015

Next up … we have Marco Rubio auditioning to become the Koch brothers’ candidate in their shadow primary! Rubio is set to address the Koch brothers and their cronies at today’s Americans for Prosperity “Road to Reform” luncheon.

This is just the latest stunt by Rubio to suck up to the billionaire brothers. Last week, Rubio participated in a conference call, led by Americans for Prosperity, to push for the expiration of the Export-Import Bank, which is the Koch’s latest pet project. In tomorrow’s address, Rubio is set to call for regulation reforms that would likely protect the the fortune of billionaires — not the best interest of Americans.

This is the latest event in the Koch brothers’ invisible primary, where candidates are competing to win the blessing and the financial backing of the billionaires. Normally, the Kochs stay out of presidential primaries, but this year the Kochs are hedging their bets and selecting their top picks for the Republican nomination. Having already pledged to put together a political network that would spend close to $900 million to determine who runs the country, the Kochs are getting close to selecting a favorite. Marco Rubio is clearly speaking the Kochs’ language.

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