Kochs Spend More Money In Missouri, Still Losing On Right-To-Work For Less

September 28, 2015

A few weeks ago, despite massive spending efforts by the Kochs, Missouri legislators did not overturn Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a right-to-work bill. Now the Kochs are attempting to sway the tides again by — you guessed it — spending more money. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) announced an ad buy today against Republican Rep. Kathie Conway.

Beginning on Monday, September 28, 2015 Missourians who live in the St. Louis area can expect to see new TV ads calling on Rep. Conway to support Right-to-Work. The spot points out the fact that Representative Conway did not represent her district and instead voted for special interests by protecting union bosses. The TV ad buy will be supported with radio, print and digital advertising, as well as mailers sent to her constituents.

However, AFP’s attempt to force out Republicans who don’t fall in line may be a lost cause this time.

Rep. Conway told the Washington Post in May, “As I talk with people in our district, a lot of the union members agree with GOP on issues of the second amendment, taxes, and right to life — but this was a dividing issue for them… They might be with you on lots of other issues, but if you try and mess with their livelihood, they would not be with you.”

Just like the Kochs have helped drive the GOP to the extreme in Washington, culminating most recently with the forced exit of John Boehner, they’re trying to the same thing in state houses across America. When Republicans are siding with their constituents and against right-to-work for less, it’s good news for working families and more bad news for the Koch brothers’ bottom line.

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