Kochs’ hometown newspaper attacks Brownback-Koch efforts

May 14, 2015

The Koch brothers’ hometown newspaper, the Wichita Eagle, printed a nasty editorial that skewers the Kochs and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for their assault on wind energy. The Kochs and Gov. Brownback, who they propped up financially during his underdog reelection campaign, continue to team up and push through conservative policies that destroy Kansas’ economy and education system but balloon the Kochs’ bottom line.

The latest joint Koch-Brownback effort is the AFP-backed bill Brownback signed this week to weaken the state’s wind power sector. By some estimates, wind power could create 12,000 jobs and $8 billion in investment in Kansas. Seeing the impact to the Kochs’ profits, the Kansas branch of Americans for Prosperity (the Kochs’ political arm) spent more than $300,000 in an effort to repeal the state’s renewable energy standards. 

Naturally, the Kochs and their elected officials are opposed to any regulation that hurts their profits. And like always, after bankrolling Gov. Brownback’s campaign, the Koch brothers are making sure he supports policies that protect their bottom line.  

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