In The Kochs’ Native Kansas, Just 18% Approve Of Their Puppet Governor

October 26, 2015

Kansas is the Koch brothers’ policy proving ground — but Charles and David’s Sunflower State agenda has proved to be anything but popular.

After going to great lengths to implement the Kochs’ policy agenda, Governor Sam Brownback — their home-state executive and cherished stooge — has a public image problem. A bad one.

“This could be some of the lowest approval ratings of any Kansas governor in history,” said a Washburn University political scientist of Brownback’s latest approval numbers, according to the Kansas City Star.

Though the Kochs no doubt continue to hold Brownback in high regard, just 18% of Kansans agree, the Star reported. And if the recent Fort Hays State University survey is to be believed, Sam Brownback’s shilling of the Koch policy agenda is to blame.  Strikingly, the poll found that 61% of voters “think [Brownback’s] signature tax policies have either been a ‘failure’ or a ‘tremendous failure,'” according to the Lawrence Journal-World. And even among “strong Republicans,” 38% “said they believe his tax policies have failed to stimulate economic growth.” 

Charles and David had better hope that the 2016 election doesn’t become a referendum on the Koch agenda. If it does, they’re in for a rude awakening.

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