Kochs Are Pulling The Strings In The Campaign Against The Would-Be First Latina Senator

August 30, 2016

The Koch political machine is ramping up in Nevada against the would-be first ever Latina senator.

According to the New York Times, Koch front groups, Freedom Partners, the LIBRE Initiative, Concerned Veterans for America, and Americans for Prosperity are coordinating attacks against Catherine Cortez Masto’s campaign for senate:

Freedom Partners Action Fund, which relies on considerable Koch funding, reports that it has spent more than $4.5 million against Ms. Cortez Masto. Concerned Veterans for America, another part of the Koch network, earlier ran more than $700,000 in ads on behalf of Mr. Heck, a military veteran.

As for the ground game, Americans for Prosperity has three offices in the state, plans on opening a fourth and intends to marshal hundreds of volunteers to go door-to-door to reach out to voters identified as being open to opposing Ms. Cortez Masto.

One of the groups working for the Kochs’ priorities is their Latino “outreach” (read: collecting their information for their voter files) front group, the LIBRE Initiative:

The Libre Initiative, another group partially funded by Freedom Partners, is for the first time actively opposing a candidate and hopes to mobilize Hispanic voters against Ms. Cortez Masto in a race where the Latino vote will be crucial. The stance means the organization formed to promote economic opportunity for Latinos will be trying to defeat the woman who would be the first Latina elected to the Senate.

The Kochs have long been working for policies that disproportionately hurt the Latino community, opposing the ACA and fighting a raise to the minimum wage. In June, LIBRE even started cozying up to the idea of a Donald “Build The Wall” Trump presidency. The only people that the Kochs want to help are themselves; the Kochs coordinated effort in Nevada shows that they are afraid of a Senate that isn’t full of their puppets. Their only priority is their bottom line, and they’ll sacrifice what’s right for working families in the Silver State and across the country to protect it.

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