Koch VA Privatization Group Spends Big For Their Florida Puppet

September 28, 2016

The Koch brothers just launched a six-figure digital ad buy in part on behalf of their favorite Florida puppet, Senator Marco Rubio. An overwhelming majority of veterans are opposed to having their healthcare system privatized but that hasn’t stopped the Koch brothers and their sham front group Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) from trying to cut and privatize the VA.

Rubio is getting Koch money because the brothers know that he’ll champion their anti-seniors and working families, pro-Big Oil agenda in the Senate.

Two weeks ago, the Kochs announced that Concerned Veterans for America, Generation Opportunity, and LIBRE Initiative, will each be consolidated under the Kochs’ flagship Americans for Prosperity group. That tells you all you need to know about the Kochs’ latest CVA intervention for Rubio. 

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on the Kochs’ latest intervention for their favorite Floridian puppet:

“This isn’t about veterans issues; the Kochs are nervous that they stand to lose a loyal ‘yes, of course, Mr. Koch’ man who’ll promote not just VA privatization but also the rest of their self-serving, anti-working families agenda.

“That’s why the billionaires have been spending money in Florida: they know Senator Marco Rubio won’t hesitate to put their interests over what’s best for Floridians.

“Florida’s working families deserve better than a boilerplate Koch puppet who doesn’t care about them.”

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