Ed Board Slams Toomey For Siding With The Kochs Over Pennsylvania

November 9, 2015

“Toomey has been actively working against Erie’s interests.”

The editorial board at the Erie Times-News slams Senator Pat Toomey today for siding with the Koch-driven opposition to the Export-Import Bank over what’s best for Pennsylvania.

The Kochs have made opposing the Ex-Im Bank a key factor in gaining their support because it benefits the billionaire Kochs’ bottom line, as revealed in a Bridge Project report, “Banking on Obstruction: Koch Profits Behind Opposition to Ex-Im Bank.” While Koch-owned companies have received a modest $16.2 million from the Export-Import Bank, Koch competitors have received massive benefits to the tune of $19.4 billion.

It’s crystal clear why Toomey is picking the Kochs’ interests over Pennsylvania — he needs their special interest cash to win a tough reelection race in 2016.

And the Kochs have already rewarded Pat Toomey for advancing their self-enriching agenda in Washington by giving his campaign $7,500 this cycle and $18,000 over the course of his career. And earlier this year, the Kochs cut a $1.5-million slice of the $900 million they plan to spend on elections this cycle through their “veterans” front group, Concerned Veterans for America, to prop up Toomey.  

The Kochs are spending big to reelect Pat Toomey because he does what’s best for them in Washington — not Pennsylvania.

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