Closing Argument: Koch Crony Cory Gardner Counting On Kochs to Drag Him Across The Finish

October 30, 2014

In Colorado, Republicans have pinned their hopes on Koch-crony Cory Gardner, a classic supporter of the Kochs’ self-serving agenda.  What does that agenda look like in Gardner’s case? More of the same policies the Kochs have been working toward for years, benefitting wealthy special interests at the expense of working families and the middle class.

On issue after issue, Gardner has stood in line with the Koch agenda. Charles Koch has opposed the minimum wage entirely and David Koch ran for VP on a ticket that called for abolishing it. Their primary political entity AFP identified opposition to raising the minimum wage as a key vote multiple years in a row. Cory Gardner said he opposed raising the federal minimum wage. On equal pay for women, Koch Industries lobbied against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help women fight back against instances of pay discrimination. Cory Gardner voted against it. On Medicare, Gardner and the Kochs’ AFP both supported a budget that would turn Medicare into a voucher program.

The Kochs have spent millions propping up Gardner’s candidacy, spending heavily early on this year on debunked, misleading ads that were attacked for using paid actors. The Kochs’ faux-small business organization, which actually fights for tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of working families, endorsed Gardner earlier this year. The Kochs and their family members contributed $23,000 directly to Gardner’s campaign, while Koch-backed and funded entities including AFPFreedom Partners, the American Energy Alliance, and Generation Opportunity have dumped more than $4 million into the race to prop up Gardner’s candidacy. The Kochs have been so important to Cory Gardner that at a Koch conference this summerGardner flat out begged for more outside money to come to his rescue.

So what’s a Colorado voter to do? In this election, the choice is clear, because a vote for Cory Gardner on November 4th is a vote for the Kochs’ and their extreme, anti-working families agenda.

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