Charles Koch’s FALSE Claim Koch Industries is A “Model” for Clean Environment

Charles Koch falsely claimed in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed,”EPA officials have commended (Koch Industries) for our ‘commitment to a cleaner environment’ and called us ‘a model for other companies.’” As PolitiFact explained, Koch’s op-ed lifted out-of-context quotes from several specific dealings with subsidiaries of Koch Industries and presented them as if the company as a whole has an exemplary environmental record. PolitiFact then enumerated a number of instances when Koch Industries was forced to pay massive fines for pollution that was damaging to public health.

The Kochs and their business practices have a poor track record when it comes to environmental degradation. On top of their ongoing efforts to elect extreme conservative politicians who support their self-serving agenda of blocking standards on carbon emissions, their own massive oil conglomerate, Koch Industries, is one of our nation’s worst polluters. That’s the real environmental record of Koch Industries.

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