The Kochs diversify their GOP investment by backing multiple candidates

This weekend, David Koch confirmed that the billionaire brothers will use the roughly $900 million they are doling out for the 2016 presidential race to bankroll multiple GOP contestants. The Kochs have already revealed their top draft picks this cycle are Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. They’re going to do the same with the Republican presidential field as they are with their business portfolio: diversify their investments. They want to make sure they own whichever GOP nominee is competing for the White House.
The Republican wannabees are already running to the right to cater to Koch priorities on the flat tax, the Export-Import Bank, and the minimum wage. How far will the GOP presidential field go for a chunk of Koch cash?
Check out Bridge Project’s web ad, “Koch Tank” that gives a sneak peak of the Kochs’ auditions to pick their GOP presidential candidates.

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