The Kochshank Redemption

July 16, 2015

Bridge Project today released a new report, “The Kochs’ Criminal Justice Pump-Fake,” highlighting the hypocrisy of the Koch brothers’ sham push to reform the criminal justice system and their secret, profit-driven motives.

It all started in the ’90s: “The Kochs’ ‘come to Jesus’ moment on criminal justice reform came back in the 1990s, when a handful of their employees at a Corpus Christi, Texas, refinery were indicted for violating the Clean Air Act and other crimes,” according to Yahoo News.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Kochs began “championing” criminal justice reform only after Koch employees were charged on 97 counts of environmental crimes. 

For all their professed concerns about reforming the criminal justice system, the Kochs don’t really care — not about the impacted families and individuals, anyway — their only concern is their bottom line. The Kochs’ criminal justice charade is just that — a public relations scam.

Need additional proof? They have a well-documented history of supporting candidates who — far from being criminal justice reform advocates — are actually judiciary enforcers, notable for their draconian policies and resistance to reform.

In its new report, Bridge Project sheds new light on the Koch brothers’ shadowy history with criminal justice reform, their support for anti-reform candidates, and the shocking disparity between the Kochs’ political spending and the comparatively little they spend advocating for criminal justice reform.

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