The Kochs & AFP cry poor in Wisconsin’s Iron County

June 24, 2014

We’ve written before about the tremendous sums of money that the Koch brothers, through Americans for Prosperity, have poured into supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and an extreme right-wing agenda in the state. Now, according to a recent report from Salon — “It’s a hard-rock life” — the Koch brothers and their pro-mining industry cronies are actually crying poor in Wisconsin.

One of Governor Walker’s many Koch-supported policies includes mining legislation, Wisconsin Act 1, which he signed into law last year. The measure, supported by the mining industry, rolled back key environmental protection for the state’s water sources and wetlands, according to Salon. As a result of the law, the development of a massive, open strip mine is being considered in the state’s Northwoods, a project that threatens the state’s fresh water, wildlife, landscape and the Native American tribes that call the iconic region home.

Not ones to miss out on an effort to degrade the environment, Americans for Prosperity circulated pro-mining mailings during a recent local election, lamenting that “Iron County, and the iron mines that drive our economy, is being targeted by wealthy environmental groups from outside of Wisconsin,” according to Salon. Yet in reality, Salon notes that the state’s “pro-mine contributors have outspent mine opponents by more than 600 to 1.”

To continue the Annie metaphor, AFP complaining about “wealthy environmental groups” in Wisconsin is basically like Miss Hannigan getting indignant over orphan abuse.

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