The Koch Network Heaps Praise On Their Puppet Mike Pence’s Debate Performance

October 6, 2016

Mike Pence made sure to show off the Trump ticket’s extreme positions at last night’s vice presidential debate and it received high praise from leaders of the Kochs’ astro-turf front groups. AFP President Tom Phillips said that Pence, a long time Koch favorite, was a “spokesman for his values.” LIBRE’s operations coordinator Gabe Villanueva even said he wished that it were Pence who had run for president instead of Donald Trump.

The Kochs’ work to end the social safety net aligned well with Pence’s performance at the debate. AFP Missouri’s deputy director agreed with the Trump/Pence ticket calling Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.” Extending GenOpp’s campaign to end social security, the group’s Florida field director also chimed in to call the Ponzi scheme claim a “Trump #truth.”

Pence also hit home runs in the Koch network with Trump’s extreme views on equal pay and reproductive rights. GenOpp national spokeswoman & Independent Women’s Forum senior fellow Patrice Lee became nauseated at the mere mention of the “myth” of the pay gap and equal pay legislation. Not missing an opportunity to push their anti-choice positions during the debate, AFP Missouri’s deputy director said “being pro-choice isn’t about trusting women but being pro-life is about trusting GOD!”

The Kochs can complain about Trump all they want, but it’s clear that their groups support the Republican ticket’s extreme agenda and have found their voice for it in Mike Pence.

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