The Koch brothers are the top donors to their super PAC

October 16, 2014

Earlier this year, the “secret bank” for the Koch brothers’ political network announced it was forming yet another entity, the Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC. At the time, the formation of the super PAC was noted as being novel for two primary reasons. First, it would, unlike other Koch groups confined to thinly-veiled “issue advocacy,” be able to directly encourage voters to vote for extreme, Koch-approved Republican candidates. Secondly, as such, it would be required to disclose its donors in FEC filings.

POLITICO dug in to the first of these filings with an eye for the new PAC’s donor list. In a surprise to no one, the Koch brothers combined were the top donors to their new organization, contributing $2 million each. While the report notes that there are other super wealthy contributors to the organization, the Koch family remains firmly atop the list. POLITICO suggests that Koch allies’ creation of Freedom Partners Action Fund, with its enhanced reporting requirements, could be connected to an apparent effort by the Koch apparatus to be more transparent about its political activities. Given that there is still precious little information available about the super PAC, this seems unlikely, especially since so far, its biggest public role has been to pick up where another Koch arm, Americans for Prosperity, left off with television advertising in this fall’s midterm elections. A new shell in the Koch money shell game does not transparency make.

Freedom Partners Action Fund will spend an estimated $25 million in ads supporting Republican Senate candidates this fall. No matter how many super PAC donors it boasts, the fact remains that its roster of Senate candidates support policies that benefit the group’s top donors, the Koch brothers.

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