Tax Breaks for Big Oil

One piece of the Koch-fueled agenda to undermine confidence in government is support from the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity to giving tax breaks to big oil companies, not unlike the corporation from which the Kochs have built their massive war chest.

Thus, the Koch brothers through AFP have used their increasing political influence to pressure members of Congress to support what is essentially corporate welfare for oil and gas companies.

AFP scored eight separate votes between 2008-2013 that would have ended tax breaks for or raised taxes/fees on big oil companies as key votes, marking down legislators who refuse to protect every dollar of the billions in profits earned by these companies.

As part of their mission to prevent encroachment on Big Oil’s profits, AFP has also railed against renewable energy standards and attacked the EPA’s emissions and fuel standards.

AFP Identified 8 Votes Against Ending Tax Breaks Or Increasing Taxes On Large Oil And Gas Companies As Key Votes. Americans for Prosperity’s online scorecard of key votes included 8 votes on legislation that would have either ended existing tax breaks for, or raised taxes and fees on large oil companies. Those votes were 2013 Senate vote 27, 2011 Senate vote 72, 2010 House vote 324, 2010 Senate vote 232, 2008 House vote 84, 2008 Senate vote 146, 2007 House vote 40, and 20078 Senate vote 223. [AFP Scorecards for the 110th, 111th, 112th and 113th Congresses, Viewed 4/16/14]

AFP: “Only The Markets Can Dictate” Action On Renewable Energy Goals “In An Efficient, Cost Effective Manner.” According to Americans for Prosperity Foundation, “Renewable portfolio standards (RPS) are state efforts to either mandate or set a goal for utility companies to acquire some of their energy from ‘renewable’ energy sources. […] Renewable mandates’ poor record serves as a warning to states that assume the government can create sufficient incentives for renewable technologies. Renewable energy goals are rarely met, energy prices increase dramatically, and massive subsidies are required for jobs and operation of facilities. Only the markets can dictate such action in an efficient, cost effective manner.” [Americans For Prosperity, October 2012]

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