Senate Leads #WebofDenial Floor Speeches Against Anti-Science Kochs

July 12, 2016

Senators delivered floor speeches last night hitting more than a dozen Koch-funded groups for their coordinated anti-science, climate change denial agenda. Sen. Reid started things off with a poignant reminder that the Koch brothers spend hundreds of millions of dollars to undermine the reality of global warming and mislead the American people about the dangers of climate change.

The senators went beyond calling the usual suspects (Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners, etc.) known in the Koch network. One-by-one, Sens. Schumer, WarrenMerkley, and Whitehouse put a spotlight on the advocacy groups and think tanks that the Kochs fund to distort climate change and its effects in our community and to our world.

Many of the groups named are a part of the lesser-known entity, State Policy Network (SPN). With a reported budget of $83 million, these benign-sounding groups push the Koch agenda at the state level, giving political cover to Koch supported candidates and elected officials by obscuring their ties to the billionaire donors. Combating environmental protections is central to SPN’s mission. The state affiliates worked tirelessly to block implementation of the Clean Power Plan. SPN partner Kevin Mooney described climate scientists as, “political activists masquerading as objective scientists.

Senators will deliver more #WebofDenial floor speeches this afternoon. Below are a list of the Koch groups (State Policy Network groups noted with italics):

More information and a full list of the Kochs’ SPN members is available here

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