Then & Now: Koch Attacks on Social Security


The 1980 Koch-Clark campaign called Social Security "the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war" and called for phasing out the program.

Clark-Koch Ticket Called Social Security “The Most Serious Threat To The Future Stability Of Our Society Next To The Threat Of Nuclear War.” According to a press release from the Clark for President Committee, “Clark said Social Security ‘the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war.’” [Clark for President Committee, 9/24/80]


Koch-funded groups and candidates have supported privatizing Social Security, with some referring to the program as a ponzi scheme.

AFP Foundation Supports Private Social Security Accounts. According to Americans for Prosperity Foundation, “Thankfully, there is a better way. We could empower workers with a choice: stay with the tax-and-benefit system of Social Security as it is now, or save and invest your same payroll tax contributions through a personal savings account. Instead of seeing their hard-earned dollars funneled through Washington to pay for current retirees’ benefits, workers would truly own and control the accumulated funds and could invest them with a wide variety of investment funds offering different mixes of stocks and bonds and different levels of risk and reward.” [, February 2012]

Koch Industries’ PACs Have Given Perry Over $100,000. According to Texas campaign finance records, political action committees associated with Koch Industries have given Perry at least $105,000 since 2000. [Perry Campaign Finance Records, Texas Tribune]

Perry: Social Security A “Ponzi Scheme,” “Monstrous Lie”. At the September 2011 Reagan Presidential Library Debate, Perry said “But I think the Republican candidates are talking about ways to transition this program, and it is a monstrous lie. It is a Ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today, you’re paying into a program that’s going to be there. Anybody that’s for the status quo with Social Security today is involved with a monstrous lie to our kids, and it’s not right.” [Reagan Presidential Library Debate, 9/7/11]

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