More Koch Money for Top Crony Joni Ernst

We recently introduced you to Koch-Crony Joni Ernst, and outlined how she’s in lockstep with the billionaires and their political outfit, Americans for Prosperity. Last week, The Hill reported that Charles Koch, his wife, son and daughter-in-law all gave the maximum contribution allowed by law to Ernst’s campaign last month, which the outlet deems “a sign of the Koch brothers’ particular interest in helping her campaign.”

Today brings yet another piece of evidence of the Kochs’ “particular interest” in supporting the extreme Republican nominee for Iowa’s open Senate seat, albeit a much less obvious one.

The Washington Post reports that Concerned Veterans for America has a new ad out today attacking Ernst’s Democratic opponent, which will air in a massive, million-dollar ad buy across the state. What’s not evident from the 30-second spot is that Concerned Veterans for America is actually a key part of the Koch network and its plan to spend $300 million influencing this fall’s elections. During the 2012 campaign cycle, Concerned Veterans from America received $2 million in funding from the Kochs’ mysterious dark money apparatus.

For her part, Joni Ernst has previously thanked AFP for running ads against her opponent and espouses a laundry list of Koch-approved policy positions, cementing her status as both a top Koch crony and beneficiary.

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