Masking the Real Koch Agenda with Criminal Justice Reform

March 26, 2015

In a recent profile, Koch Industries’ marketing exec, Steve Lombardo, admitted what everyone had already assumed: The Koch’s recent effort to push criminal justice system reform is a facade to advance their financial interests. Lombardo went as far as saying the initiative was part of a larger public relations campaign to combat Koch Industries’ negative image.

“‘Emphasizing criminal justice reform is a key part of the strategy to deflate the negative narrative around the Kochs,’ Lombardo said.”

Even with their newly-found interest in criminal justice, it’s worth looking at their true motives. The Kochs are candid about carving a “do gooder” image that helps their bottom line. It just so happens that the Koch brothers became interested in criminal justice reform after a grand jury’s indictment of employees at a Texas Koch refinery for violations of the Clean Air Act and other crimes. Koch Industries spent six years fighting the charges and eventually settled with the government for $10 million.

This initiative is just a PR stunt to mask the Koch political agenda that hurts small businesses and pollutes the environment. After all, the investment in criminal justice reform pales in comparison to the multi-millions the Kochs have poured into electing Republicans who are rubber stamps for their efforts. But then again, making over the Koch image is no easy job.

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