LIBRE Director Admits Building Voter Lists For Republicans

June 24, 2015

LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza finally admitted what we’ve known all along: They aren’t working for Latinos’ interests but for Republicans’ and the Kochs’.

Washington Post reports that Garza “said Republicans cannot afford to have the Democrats win 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, as Obama did in 2012. ‘We intend to double down our efforts’ in this ‘constituency at a cross roads,’ Garza said. Republicans ‘don’t need to win a majority, just inch it up.'”

The Koch-backed initiative has done its best to frame itself as an advocacy organization for Latinos, but Garza’s comments make it clear: LIBRE is focused on winning political power for the GOP and thus, the group’s billionaire benefactors.

In May, Bridge Project took a deep dive into LIBRE’s political maneuvering to uncover their shady efforts to win Latino votes. Read the report here.

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