Kochs’ Vets Group Politicizes Climate Change, Wants to Prohibit NDAA Funds

May 16, 2016

The Koch brothers’ veterans front group, Concerned Veterans for America, has teamed up with Koch-funded American Energy Alliance to lobby Congress to eliminate defense funding that prepares the U.S. military for the impacts of global warming and climate change. The groups are supporting Rep. John Fleming’s proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would prohibit defense funds to be used to implement President Obama’s Executive Orders 13653 and 13693, which would allow the Department of Defense to prepare for the policy implementation.

“Deadset against the reality of climate change, including its impacts on human migration and the geopolitical stability in the Middle East, only a Koch front group that says it represents veterans would want to deny funding to the U.S. military to prepare for it,” said Eddie Vale, Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century. “This spells disaster everywhere when Koch groups politicize climate change and prevent our military from functioning and strategically planning ahead.”

The House is expected to hold a floor debate and vote on NDAA this week, and the Senate is expected to wrap up its committee hearings.

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