Kochs Spend $1.4M To Prop Up Portman

August 18, 2015

With their second $1 million-plus ad buy of the 2016 cycle, the Koch brothers — this time, operating via their Americans For Prosperity front group — are well on their way to deploying the $900 million dollars they plan to spend this election.

Charles and David’s latest big-dollar intervention props up Ohio’s Rob Portman — yet another GOP backer of the Koch agenda that enriches billionaires like the Kochs at the expense of Ohio’s middle class and working families.

We know the Kochs will do whatever it takes — and spend as much as they need to — to ensure that their puppet candidates, happy to advance the Kochs’ legislative agenda in exchange for financial backing, get elected and stay in office.

Throughout his career, Rob Portman has been an advocate of a Koch-promoted corporate interest agenda — supporting policies that that facilitate outsourcing and corporate inversions — an agenda that benefits Charles and David and their Koch network donor allies.

For the Kochs, this ad buy is a $1.4 million investment — and a promised boost to their bottom line that’ll more than compensate them for their principal.

It’s a promise that Portman will continue to promote Koch interests over those of Ohioans and the American people as a whole.

The Kochs spend what they need to and they get what they want.

With Rob Portman, it’s no different.