Koch Front Group for Seniors backs Medicare cuts

April 1, 2015

The 60 Plus Association is the latest Koch bankrolled group to come out in favor of the dangerous Senate Republican budget.

60 Plus describes itself as a so called, “non-partisan seniors advocacy group” with a “free enterprise, less government, less taxes” twist. Last week the group issued a statement in support of the Senate Republican’s dangerous budget that calls for 5.1 trillion in spending cuts.

Senate Republicans are fearful of passing a budget that would cut Medicare programs in an election year. But fuzzy math, sleight of hand, and arithmetic acrobatics cannot change the fact that the Republican budget would devastate programs that the middle class rely on — including Medicare. The Senate budget would slash $430 billion in unspecified cuts from Medicare in order to balance the budget in ten years.

Why would a group that defends America’s seniors advocate for a budget that cuts Medicare funding? 60 Plus is just one of dozens of groups propped up by the Koch brothers political machine. An analysis from Conservative Transparency shows that 60 Plus received 15.6 million from the Koch affiliated Freedom Partners in 2012. It’s clear that the Kochs are using 60 Plus to push their own agenda.

Their history speaks for itself, Americans for Prosperity, the Koch’s political arm, has supported Paul Ryan’s budgets, including the 2011 budget that the Wall Street Journal said would “essentially end Medicare.”

The Kochs don’t want to find solution to save Medicare; they want to destroy it.

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