Koch Cash Falls Short After Fueling Toxic Kentucky Gov. Primary

May 21, 2015

Even the Kochs have limits: after using millions of dollars to fuel a shady, personal, muddy, primary fight the Koch machine came up short on Tuesday, seeing their candidate Hal Heiner spend roughly $100 per vote to come in a distant third.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Kochs backed two political action committees in support of Heiner: Citizens for a Sound Government (CGS) and the Bluegrass Action Fund. Both of the groups are led by, Alan Phillip, a longtime Koch operative. According to CNN, the Bluegrass Action Fund spent $400,000 on an advertising blitz calling eventual nominee Matt Bevin “dishonest” for misrepresenting himself on LinkedIn and taking federal money while their chosen candidate launched attacks in person and on television highlighting an allegation that one of his opponents, James Comer, abused his college girlfriend.

The Kochs besmirched the Republican brand in Kentucky before coming up short, but this is just a preview of the dark money and dirty tactics the Kochs will bring to the national stage in 2016.

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