Koch-backed LIBRE Would Remove Deportation Protections for Millions

April 30, 2015

While the Koch-backed LIBRE Initiative would like you to believe that they are working to support the Hispanic community, the reality is that they mainly advocate for the issues of their benefactors: the Koch brothers. Freedom Partners, a group funded by the billionaires, has given LIBRE at least $10 million to push its agenda. LIBRE campaigns against policies that disproportionately help Hispanics including the Affordable Care Actminimum wage increases, and immigration reform.

In March, Executive Director Daniel Garza testified against deportation protections for millions through DAPA, calling it “executive overreach” at a congressional hearing.

Of course, they conspicuously leave all that out during their community outreach.

Washington Post: Koch brothers cater to Latinos, hoping for votes

Cristóbal Alex, president of the Victory Fund, said LIBRE offers handouts and “talks about immigration in a positive way” but “is really doing work on behalf of the Koch brothers who put huge money behind candidates against immigration reform.” He said there is a long litany of conservative stances, including opposition to raising the minimum wage, that are unpopular with Latinos…
Left-leaning groups have been signing up voters outside naturalization services and mobilizing turn out in Hispanic communities for years. David Damore, a University of Nevada associate professor and fellow at the Brookings Institution, said what LIBRE is doing “pales in comparison to what unions do” and just shows that those on the right “think they can get them in their camp.”

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