Jeb To Campaign With Koch Front Group LIBRE Initiative, Bets On Kochs’ Rigged System

October 21, 2015

Barely surviving in the polls, Jeb Bush is still hoping the GOP’s favorite billionaire brothers will throw him a bone and help him win the nomination. Tonight, Jeb will join the Kochs’ Latino front group, the LIBRE Initiative, for a public policy forum in Nevada.

Former Governor Bush has been a Koch loyalist from the start of his campaign — pushing their top policy positions on the Export-Import Bank, the oil export ban, and more. But no Koch organization fits Bush quite as well as LIBRE.

Jeb came into the race claiming he would be able to win over Hispanics because of his family ties and values, but he quickly took a hard right turn and has been pushing extreme right-wing immigration policies ever since. Just like Bush, LIBRE claims they are advocating for the best interests of the Latino community. However, the group is focused on taking advantage of the electoral power of Hispanics and pushes policy positions that hurt the Hispanic community. 

Today, National Review published a new report exposing the Kochs’ political operations in Nevada, particularly LIBRE. The story makes it clear that a main motivation of the group is to collect the Latino constituency’s personal information for the Kochs’ for-profit data collection company, i360

The Koch machine is focused on gaining the upper hand in politics in order to increase their profits. There is nothing charitable about the LIBRE Initiative or any of the Kochs’ political operatives. 

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