Hand-Picked Koch Candidate In WV Pushes Right-To-Work For Less

November 18, 2015

West Virginia State Senate President and 2016 gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole is following the Koch marching orders and says it’s time for the Mountain State to become a right-to-work for less state.

Cole’s motivation in pushing a top item on the Koch agenda is crystal clear: he wants to please the billionaire Koch brothers so their mega-donor network will funnel more money to his campaign.

Cole has been hand-picked by an arm of the Koch network that bundles Koch cash directly for candidates, Aegis PAC.

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Aegis PAC is a part of Aegis Strategic, the shady political consulting firm that received a “blessing” from the Kochs to create a new, secretive nonprofit that spent hundreds of thousands in dark money on strategically timed attack ads to take out a rival of one of the Kochs’ chosen candidates, Joni Ernst, in a Republican primary. After the Kochs’ chosen candidate won the GOP primary, Aegis helped raise hard money for the Kochs’ candidate — which is what they’re doing now for Bill Cole.

Bill Cole’s support for right-to-work for less legislation and status in the eyes of the Koch-blessed political consulting firm, Aegis, proves that he is another Koch puppet who will put what’s good for billionaires like the Kochs ahead of what’s best for West Virginia families.

Turning West Virginia into a right-to-work for less state would be devastating to working families just as it’s been in Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, North Carolina, and 21 other states. The Kochs don’t care if their policies hurt West Virginia — as long as it helps their bottom line.