Governor-Elect Doug Ducey Hires Koch Lackey As Chief Of Staff

December 10, 2014

Throughout Doug Ducey’s gubernatorial campaign in Arizona, his ties to the self-interested Koch brothers were often in the spotlight. Ducey was caught on a recording at the Kochs’ secretive billionaires’ retreat in California pleading for their money. He even had Governor Chris Christie jump in at a joint event and rush to the Kochs’ defense on behalf of Ducey.

Well, his newly announced selection of Kirk Adams as chief of staff illuminates just how deeply he is connected to the Koch brothers and their powerful network. So who is Kirk Adams?

As the Los Angeles Times put it, Kirk Adams one of the “early architects of the Koch network of nonprofits.” That description comes in article about Adams and fellow Arizona Koch crony, Sean Noble, coordinating the activities of two shady “pro-business” groups that spent heavily during the 2012 elections to fight against increased education funding in California. The group went to great lengths to hide their donors, but it came to light that at least one of them received millions in funding from the Koch brothers to wage their anti-school funding battle.

In fact, they went to such great lengths to hide their donors, that they were fined $1 million by the state of California for violating campaign finance laws. According to Bloomberg, “The two groups ‘operated as part of the ‘Koch Brothers’ Network’ of dark money political nonprofit corporations,’ the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission said yesterday in a statement.”

Doug Ducey scoffed at the notion that he would be a Koch pawn while he was running for governor. Then he won and immediately hired a long-time Koch operative as his chief of staff. Shocking.

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