Charles Koch’s FALSE Claim about His Involvement in Politics

This spring, Charles Koch penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in an attempt to rehabilitate his and his brother’s increasingly negative public image. Koch’s piece asserted that “it was only in the past decade” that he “realized the need to also engage in the political process.” Needless to say, PolitiFact promptly debunked the absurd claim:

“Even if you ignore the deep reservoir of money Koch spent on “educational” and lobbying efforts — expenditures that could plausibly be described as “political” — Charles Koch personally gave a little more than $50,000 to candidates and political committees donations prior to 2004. And collectively, his brother and the PAC of the company they own directly supported candidates and political committees to the tune of $7 million over the same period. We rate his claim False.”

This is the level of honesty and transparency we have come to expect from the Koch brothers, who have promised to spend $125 million in a self-serving effort to influence the outcome of this year’s election.

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